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Falling Gig Impressions and Gig Ranking


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I’m just wondering if any other sellers are experiencing this problem? It happened to my best-selling gig. I’m still getting repeat orders but I am curious whether any of them come back after these updates? I have read many of the posts here talking about it and just thought I’d ask because mine is still falling, despite having orders in the queue. It fell from 21K impressions to 8.4K and keeps dropping every day.

I see from older posts that this has happened in the past, so I guess it’s a normal part of the Fiverr experience. I have thought about changing my title and tags, but I’m afraid that may make things worse.

I am responding to buyer’s requests and promoting outside of Fiverr to get the views to come back up. Have anyone else’s disappearing gigs come back? Just curious.

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I wouldn’t do a wholesale change to your title or tags, but giving them a refresh, maybe a tweak shouldn’t hurt. It might actually help.

I think I found the problem, but don’t know what to do now. I went searching through the seller help center and theres a place there you can have them check your gig, all of mine say active except for the one in question, it says denied. But I currently have orders so I think that’s why it’s still up. But it has moved to the very back pages of search. It says denied for TOS violation. I recently updated it and maybe something I had in my description set off the filters, tht’s all I can think of. So I guess it will just keep dropping and once all the orders have finished it will probably just disappear.

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