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My Prices...Feel to Low?


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Regardless of how much I charge for my products, I make sure that I take my time to work on my products and to ensure that I’m delivering the best possible product for my client. I’m a firm believer that the work you put out, especially when paid, is a reflection of your worth ethic and passion for what you’re doing.

As a result, my articles take hours to write. Not only because I’m a meticulous worker, but also because I do research and citations for whatever I’m working on, so finding credible sources is sometimes a bit tricky. Plus, I’ve been in the industry for a few years, so I don’t know if it would be plausible for me to increase my prices. The only thing that’s inhibiting from doing so is my newbie seller status on Fiverr and the fact that I don’t know much about SEO/keyword focus.

Thoughts? My cheapest package is $5 while the premium is $15.

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I love your profile description - it made me smile.

Your prices are too low, yes … but you only joined us in April, so your best bet is to keep them low until you have some real traction.

In your position, I’d be thinking about a few more gigs, targeted to your market - what do you prefer writing about? Posts about … health, fitness, tech, schools, whatever. The gig you have is far too broad - niche it down a little …

Hope this helps - I think you deserve to be successful here.

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Buyers who hire people for $5 articles are generally totally different than those who hire for higher priced gigs. However, until you get 10 reviews or so on the gig, I would keep the lower price. At that point move up to the price you feel is fair.
In the meantime though, a $5 article shouldn’t be something you give hours to, nor should you be looking to include citations for such a cheap gig.
What I would suggest is keeping the $5 basic price but deliver basic articles at that price. Don’t include any references/citations etc and try to cut that down to being a half hour at most. Let your higher priced packages stand out as being markedly better than a $5 one.

The way your packages are now, there’s no reason why someone would order the $15 package instead of 3x $5 ones. In fact they would get 1500 words that way instead of the 1000 you offer!
I would also work on reducing your delivery times down because waiting a week for a $15 article is just not something I would do unless I knew the writer well and was waiting for their specifically great quality. I wouldn’t wait for it with a new seller.

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