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I have gotten this spam message from multiple accounts


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I won’t mention the names of the senders they seem to quickly close their accounts after sending the personal message to me on my sellers page.
The message goes like this:

Blockquote “Hello sir I am very interested your gig post My company name is ployapps. I need some design of my company Iits is big project of my company Click the link see full details of the designs (they put a web link here) --Thank You—”

I have been tagging them as spam. I just wonder if anyone else is getting these

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WOW ha. I’ve only been on fiverr for 2 days and all 6 of the messages I have recieved were asking for my personal information or to contact them via ■■■■■ or discord. really frustrating

They often target new sellers, they expect you to be inexperienced/naive/stupid/greedy/whatever, and fall for it.

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