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When i wil get my first order?


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There’s really no answer to this question. It depends on a person’s ability, the niche they’re in, the time of year they start selling, etc.

Some sellers receive their first order soon after joining. Others have to wait a while to receive their first order. For a few unlucky ones, that first order never comes.

One thing I can tell you is five days isn’t a long time to wait for an order. It’d have taken a day or two for your gig to become indexed within Fiverr’s system.

Be patient, but not passive. While waiting for your first order, learn more about the site. You may also want to consider marketing your gigs off of the platform.

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Just based off your video I can tell that your English is a bit choppy and needs improvement. The title on your first gig doesn’t make any sense. You also offer a money back guarantee which will only lead to headaches in the future.

Improve, improve improve your gig.

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