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Low conversion rate!


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Hey there,

I hope you’re having a great day!

I started selling on fiverr two weeks ago and I’ve made some sales but the problem is that I’m getting a lot of views and clicks but no new orders (barely any).

I was wondering that maybe some of the experienced sellers here may be generous enough to take a look at my gigs and give me some feedback to improve?

Here’s a link to my profile.

It would be much appreciated!

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Low conversion rate. It depends on the communication. How many buyer contact you. That’s the rate. This is not the reason you are not getting new order.
Getting new order You have to rank your gig first of all. Have a look on your gig. Where is you gig position now by using the Fiverr search result. If you find your gig on the first page depend on your niche. Then it’s good news but if you gig does not shown on the first page then how can you expect order from someone.
Try to active because it helps to get new order. Fiverr client want immediate work. You might be notice Fiverr own have the Online filter. and Client’s love to use that features because they don’t want to spend a lot of time for this. So who are online they instantly come in the first page it does not matter where is his/her legal gig position. So try to stay online as much as you can.

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