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Should I charge for recording a sample voice over


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Hi! Quick question;

so I’m working as a voice actor through Fiverr, and I’m getting a request to read a sample of a script. They want me to send them a sample recording and then if they like it they’ll want me to record the entire script…
Maybe this is a stupid question, but should I have the prospective buyer make an order/purchase and then record the sample of the script?
Or would a recording sample of a script be something that I record and send for free?

Sorry, inexperienced with this…


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There are two schools of thought here so you have to make a judgment call.

The most professional approach is that you have a good Bio that includes a showreel that shows your range (hard to do on Fiverr). From that, someone should hire or not hire you. Asking for, or offering, free Test work is a sign of unprofessionalism so should never be engaged in.

Others say do what it takes. It is like an Audition so give freebies all over the place as that will surely make people think you are great at what you do and throw money at you.

I will say I am of the former school. Upwork & Soundbetter both also claim to be of this school as they say no free test work yet the sites are covered in it and if reported will result in a “no foul” response.

My last job on Upwork I got beaten by a “multi-award winning composer” who quoted with a Demo of the requested work (for a job offering $25) which was in effect a Puppy Dog close as the client felt comfortable with what they would get against my equally award-winning status but no surety of what my outcome would sound like. That time the hack method (ooh did I just say that) won the day for him, but whenever I have done the same, I get nowhere so that is wasted time & passion which can take a toll if you have a creative nature (i.e. not thick-skinned).

So while I’d love to make it a blanket - tell em to piss off, it is situational so make your best guess based on what sort of client they appear to be overall. If it were Coke Cola, I’d say yes, but if it is another Mr Ferris who says nothing about themselves and won’t say what the $5 job is for I’m not playing.

I hope that helps

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Of course you should charge them for that!
You never know how long is their script actually and if a couple of phrases is what they need and they are just trying to trick some people to make demos for them to get it for free.

If you have samples on your profile that should be already enough to show your work and your style. And if they a personalised demo they have to pay for that even if a discounted rate. That will also show you if buyer is legitimate or not as I wouldn’t see a problem to pay for a test and work that seller would put into that sample should be compensated

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