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Story of my first order


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Hey guys,

Let me tell you a story about how I thought I was going to make my first sale, only to end up empty-handed.

So there I was, I’ve created my first 5 gigs on Fiverr, get ready to attract the first client at any moment. I’ve been patiently waiting for about 2 week before I finally received a message from someone who was interested. At first glance, I grew a little suspicious of this buyer. He said that he will offer 50 if I helped them in editing for 1054 photos.Then we have clear the agreement on 50.After that i send an offer. The buyer then says that it would be better to talk about it further via email. Of course, I refused to provide my email as I knew that this would go against Fiverr’s TOS. Eventually, they stopped responding to me as I persisted in refusing to provide other contact information. 😞

So that’s my story. I didn’t make my first sale today unfortunately, but I’m glad I didn’t give in and do something I would regret later 😁

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