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How can i create my first gig?


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Hello everyone,
i am new on fiver. i have created my account in 2017 but now i have joined again my fiver account after 2 years. Please guide me about my gig. I have creating gig about wordpress theme creation and for wordpress customization.

Please guide me about “Number of products” dropdown filed, what does this mean.


I will appreciate you guys, if you will help me.


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This for e-commerce website. If a buyer buy our package then how much product will you upload at buyer website?

Thank you so much for your fastest help.i now about e-commerce but i was bit confused about this option. Really appreciate your help.

Thanks again:grinning:

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As you are a WordPress guy You should know the fact. When you enable the E Commerce functionality that means you sell something. And this is the products list. How many products you can put int the website when you manage his/her e Commerce website.

Yes i know about e-commerce functionality and the products of e-commerce plugins, but i just want clear my point.I appreciate your help.

Thanks for your valuable guideline.

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