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Titles and tags for writing gig


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You say you write, what sort of writing do you do? what language, what is it you are actually offering as a service? Do you write stories? do you write articles for websites if so what subjects would you cover. Do you write advertising texts? You have to add what sort of writing you are offering and then break them up into your tags. This is an example if you were writing childrens stories.
children, fiction, English etc… factual stories etc. etc. I am not a writer so I am sure you can think of better tags!
Hope this helps

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I’d change the title to say that you write articles or something instead of saying only that you do a great job in the title. In the tags you could put something like “article writing” or “research” or anything else related to whatever type of writing/article writing you do or what the articles are for eg. “website content” or the topics you are best at writing.

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