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Buyer requests is showing no results found


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Dear its may occurred due to the following reasons

  1. below level 1 seller.
  2. less No of gigs
  3. The gig you created has no buyers related

Dear I’m a new seller on Fiverr. I have optimized my Gigs and regularly promoting my Gigs but still I got no orders, what should I do so that I can get orders from the buyers.

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You’re level is “new seller”/unleveled so there are less buyer requests shown, I think because there are more new sellers than level 1 or above and the requests go as soon as a certain number of requests appear (in “articles & blogs” there are about 7.6x the number of gigs from new sellers as there are from level 1 sellers).

Creating more gigs will help. Also gigs with titles which make it clear what you’ll do might help with being found in searches. Also refreshing the buyer requests page a few times a day can help you have more chance of seeing requests before they are removed from display.

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