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Day by day my gig going down :(


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Hello buddies,
I have a best selling gig and it has about 90+ reviws and almost 120+ orders completed.
My gig position was 1sr page in first line.
But after 1 month my gig was going down. And also its going down…
But i m doing marketing for this gig and getting some orders ane reviws from marketing. But my gig is not improve position.

So can you please explain why its happening and how to improve this gig position.

Thanks in advance.

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I guess your gig position is getting down because of your carelessness means may be you have been offline for one month and didn’t work.I am not sure about this that you work or not in last month.So keep online.Hopefully your gig get improved by doing so.

Stay blessed!

Thanks for your kind advice.

But i did not anything about you mentioned. But mistakly i did a small late delivery. Maybe for this reasone! 😦

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