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Help, Suspicious customers


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Hi, a few weeks ago I was contacted by a person asking to do “work” through my computer. His work is reportedly receiving fewer clients than people from EU countries. He sent me 1 file called Proposal.PNG, I downloaded the file and read, explained who he was, what his email wanted. after a few hours he got a ban or something, mostly i couldn’t contact him anymore. Is it possible to hack a computer or account through that file? I didn’t notice anything suspicious but I’m a little worried. A new account without a picture, a weird kind of work, a png file with terms, etc.? something is suspicious to me. have any of you experienced similar situations?Screenshot_2.png.fa8c7ede23e8f6cfc8e24d8345c09afd.png

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In cases like this, I just send out a message: “Hello. If you’re interested in ordering a package, please provide the project description via message (as opposed to an attachment)”.

They never do because there is no project to speak of.

I don’t think your computer can be in any way compromised via .PNG file specifically (.PDF or .DOC would be more dangerous in that regard).

In any case, if there is an attachment instead of a message, it’s a scam. There is absolutely no reason a person can’t give you a short overview of the project even if they have a legitimate brief they want to attach for you to see as well.

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