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Gigs not appearing in search results


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Its been quite a few while i am on fiverr, but for my studies i was not very active for almost a year now and i am trying to start again.

I have paused all the previous gigs and activating them one by one after modifying the gig images and and other details, but i cant see my gig even if i search with the whole title .

What i need help with is, should i delete my gigs and re create them or just modify them ?
Any help will be greatly appreciated

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It will be better if you recreate your gig.

And also follow this method:

go to * Help & Support (at footer section)> then click Seller Help Centre> contact Us> Submit A Request (Select Gig) > What is the issue with your gig?(Select Doesn’t appear in search)> Select your gig> If show gig is active then your gig already active.

Thank you.

Thanks this was the best Solution until now ❤️ . Its showing my gig is pending. but


here you can see its showing as active @ashraful_arman

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Yes, most of the sellers do not know this method. They thought that their gigs active but unfortunately not.

here you can see its showing as active

No, it’s not active.

Understood. but 30 days for moderation? As per my knowledge it takes up to 3 days after creating a gig to approve or reject for modification.

so i should just delete the gig and create a new one with the modification i have done

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