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Hilarious Buyer Requests


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It makes me laugh when I see a Buyer Request that includes something like “Must have proven track record in acquiring ROI and get × amount of sales” and their budget is $25. 😂

Yes, someone who builds that kind of value will give it to you for $25. Riiiiight.

And then they wonder why they don’t get qualified responses and results.

These are the buyers to avoid because they are really unreasonable and constantly go out of scope. So when you look at all the nonsense you’d have to deal with on top of providing big value for peanuts, you’re actually making even less than peanuts.

This is why I search certain terms in Buyer Requests instead of manually scrolling through them all. It is a waste of time to scroll through hundreds of entitled, poorly paying buyers.

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couldn’t agree more, And they are the ones that don’t get satisfied no matter what you do

Absolutely. It’s a MASSIVE headache. Yikes.

I also find it ironic. Obviously if a qualified seller understands ROI and how to measure it, they’ll see that if they do your job they won’t even break even, let alone make an ROI. :woman_facepalming:

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So true, I saw many buyer wants to get piles of work done in $5!!! They want a logo, a business card and all sort of files and so on!!! How can they even post that!!!

I find it appalling that they are allowed to try to exploit people here.

Just because sellers comply, that doesn’t mean it is right.

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