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Raising Your Rates (figuring out how much to charge)


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Hi all! My Fiverr business is going very well, and I hope yours is too! I would like to open up a topic specifically for raising rates/increasing gig prices. I am interested in raising my gig prices slightly and would like to find out other people’s experience with this. Thank you all for joining in this convo!!!

I have raised my rates so far only once, simply by offering less but keeping the price the same. I think this is a great way to raise your rates without changing the “sticker label” that buyers see right away. However, at a certain point, that is not enough.

I have considered offering different packages, but am unsure how to do that right now. Part of the reason my top earning gig is successful is because I do them in 24 hours or less. If I offer packages, does my gig still show up as “express”?

I also have repeat customers, and I am nervous to raise the rates. How, if at all, do let repeat customers know about price increases?

Thank you all in advance for your thoughts, tips, and input! I look forward to hearing from everyone!!!


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