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Hello ~! I am MOK. full time artist

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Hello everyone. I am MOK. I am a full time artist.

I am not actually new in Fiverr. I started my account on Feb 2018 (if i remember correctly) after purchasing and watching an online video tutorial from Udemy about Fiverr.

Initially, I got 0 orders for many months. I was not familiar with most of the things in Fiverr. Thus, there was 0 results from my gigs. I overcome this about 5 months later by reading whatever I can on this forum.

I want to thank every experience Users here who posted your tips, especially there is 1 thread with links to all the important ones. The tips really help me get to know a lot of things, such as gig optimizations, how to do promotions, pitfalls to avoid, never rely on Fiverr 100%, your gig is your own business so it is your own responsibility, what not to do in Fiverr/Forum, how to use all the tools provided by Fiverr…etc.

All these tips, experience sharing & even The Ranting pot section are very helpful. so, Thank you & please keep posting. 🙂

Later in August 2018, my gigs started to get orders very slowly, ranging from 1 order per month until end of 2018. In which suddenly. I get multiples orders everyday. It is overwhelming for me and I got caught up unexpectedly. I manage to keep up with the orders by working day and night non-stop.

But at last, i succumb to burn out and started to deliver late. I try to communicate with my buyers to give me extended delivery due date which most buyers are very understanding. I manage to extend most of my orders and delivered them. Until around after March, I am really tired and delivered lots of late orders. Thus, my gig placement & my level 1 status got demoted.

After that, I don’t have any orders for 2 to 3 months. I felt frustrated and almost gave up. Lucky for me, I have done some networking and market myself to my local market so I still manage to get some jobs and sustain some income. Thanks to the experience sharing by the senior members of the forum, I didn’t 100% reply on Fiverr on getting jobs. Diversify is 1 of the most important key to sustain an income. FYI, I quit my full time job and started full time freelancing beginning of this year.

Lately, i am starting to get orders again, slowly. I am hoping to build up my statistic again soon and can work remotely for a few months because I am expecting a new born. We plan to deliver her at hometown at another state. So, i will most likely lost touch with my local market for a while.

So, ya, wish me luck.

Nice knowing ya all & I wish everyone the best in your business. 🙂


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