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Where are my gig reviews?


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I noticed that yesterday. However, when I refreshed the page and went back to it, the reviews were there. 😲

I refreshed the page like you suggested and now see them. I just looked for your reviews and do not see them. This is a serious bug.

We can only see reviews if we refresh the page.

@hanshuber16 I can’t see the reviews on your gig unless I refresh the page. It’s true for all gigs. Can you check this out?

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I am pretty sure it is one of those “routine” monthly bugs where Fiverr is tweaking the website’s code in the back-end and a couple of elements on the website go haywire as a result. 😜

Yes, I just checked yours and Vickie’s gigs, and it doesn’t load the reviews when I visit the gigs for the first time. However, it loads when I refresh the gig pages.

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