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Fiverr Gig Video Review Time


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Hello everybody! I recently added a video to my newly made gig yesterday. It’s been almost 24 hours but my video is still not up. I have read on this forum that it usually takes this amount of time, but my question is, is 24 hours the minimum time for the video to get approved or does it get approved within this 24 hour period? TIA

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Hello, I am new seller here and I have the same problem as your. It’s been over 48 hours and my video is still not up. How long did they approved yours?

I waited for good 72 hours but still they didn’t verify it. Then I deleted my video and added it again. It didn’t take more than 2 hours to get verified (once it was re-uploaded after deleting)

Also, I think this is some kind of a bug because on the gallery section, while creating a gig, it is clearly written that it may take ‘up to 24 hours’ to get verified. As far as I can understand, it means 24 hours or less time. Don’t have a clue what takes so long for some sellers to get their video verified.

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