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What is the reason for not ordering?


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Welcome to the 5R Forum. 👋

If there is a particular question you have you can look for the answer by using the 🔍 search feature in the upper right-hand corner. If you still do not find an answer then make a thread to ask your question.

However, if you ask a question that has been already been answered in various posts that you could find by using the 🔍 feature, your question may get ignored. :wink:

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Guest humanissocial

We can’t determine the reason when we don’t know how you have been pitching or what you have been pitching.

You only get BR if the buyer sees your suitability. The volume of BRs you respond to doesn’t change that.

Are you just sending a generic response to everyone or tailoring to their needs to differentiating yourself from your competition? The importance of this has been explained in many BR threads in the forum. It’s important that you read those.

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