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Can buyer remove a work sample from gig gallery after leaving a review?(accidentally confirmed unfinished work)


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I couldn’t keep up with the finishing the illustration a bit, and time was running out. So I “delivered” the unfinished illustration.

The customer knew that I would finish it anyway, so everything was ok. Also, I pointed out that this is an incomplete illustration.
I asked the customer to use the revision when I send him the finished picture.
But probably I didn’t explain it well, and the customer is a new user(same as me). Also, probably, he liked even the unfinished illustration.
So, he confirmed the delivery and left a great review.

So when I sent him a finished artwork, which, of course, looks much better, I was no longer able to add a new version in work sample.

Is the customer has ability to click on the checkbox “do not display an example of work in a live portfolio”? If a review has already been left.
Is there any way to remove this work sample from the gig gallery? If the customer wants help me too.

I used to always try to do the job as well as my skill allows, but I’m not yet used to accurately calculating time for work 😦
Final result looks much better. Of course, this is a great experience so as not to make such a mistake in the future, but I would like to know if something can be done now.

Also, I want to know if I have violated any rules in this way. I am a new here, and some things are still very unusual for me.

Thanks in advance for any help 🍀

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There are few ways:

  1. You can disable “show live portfolio” in your settings, but it will completely remove any other samples you have from your clients
  2. If your buyer contacts support and asks them to remove the image but then you are risking to get a warning because you delivered incomplete work
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