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Question about seller protections


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Let me paint you a scenario here.

I’m a copywriter.

A buyer orders a gig from me.

After looking at their information, it’s clear I can’t help them. Their ideas are half-baked, their strategy is non-existent, I don’t think writing copy for them will solve their problem. The don’t even really have a “business” yet.

Is it impossible to cancel the order without being penalized myself?

Do I have to accept the work and do it, knowing full well that their investment is wasted and I can’t do a good job?

What is the process of canceling a job? Are there different types of cancels and repercussions, depending on who initiates it?

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It won’t have repercussions unless it shows on your analytics page you are going to drop below the level required, and then you will simply lose a level, such as dropping from level 1 to level zero.

You may find that what you describe is not so uncommon so try to figure out a way to deal with this situation so you don’t have to cancel as much.

Maybe you could guide them gently into some kind of plan before you start to write something for them. You are good at communicating and that is about 70% of this so communicate like crazy with them and have them agree with you and then write them some copy? How does that sound. Of course there are times when nothing will work. But as a level zero you have nothing to lose at this point by cancelling.

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