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What is the limit of custom offer daily as per gig?


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What is the exact limit or how many total custom offer can seller’s send to buyer’s daily ?
I am new seller here, At now i have 5 gigs, so tell me…how many total custom offers can i send (from 5 gigs) to buyer’s daily?
I think so…at now i have 5 gigs, so am i able to send 50 (5*10) custom offers daily to the different different buyer’s ?

Also please tell me this…Will custom offer’s limit increase as per seller’s level will increases on fiverr?

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just only 10 daily dear.

I’m not sure the OP is talking about buyer requests but might be talking about custom offers in general. Is there anywhere on the site where it shows a limit to the number of custom offers in general (not those that are sent on the buyer request page but those sent in the inbox)?

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I have total 5 gigs, can i send 50 custom offers?

You can only send a custom offer in response to an inquiry message to your account. Anything different can get you banned.

Custom offers are only for solicited messages, not unsolicited ones. This is to protect buyers from spam. Also, unsolicited offers aren’t effective here and make you look sketchy. There isn’t a limit to how many custom offers you can send in response to inquiries.

If you are referring to the Buyer Request section, please clarify that.

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