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I think the buyer wants to scam me!


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I do web development jobs, about 1 hour ago guy contacted me saying that he is from Marocco and he needs bitcoin as fast as possible, I said I can help him with that and he without asking me anything placed a 495$ order on my web development gig, and he says he needs only about 250$ worth of bitcoin, I think this guy is trying to scam me, after I send him a bitcoin he will get chargeback from Fiverr. I posted this on Reddit and contacted Fiverr support. What should I do? Refund his order?

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Don’t refund, let customer support do that for you, so you have a chance of it not affecting your Order Completion Rate.

That is a good advice but the buyer decited to open a dispute and I agreed to cancel this order,my completition rate dropped, will this affect my account and future orders?

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You don’t have to agree to disputes though if a customer sends a dispute with some bogus reason, it was him who placed an order for something you don’t even offer, so it shouldn’t be you who suffers.

Well, you can’t take that decision back, just keep it in mind for next time.
If and how it will affect you, depends. Some people post about fewer or no sales/dropped ranking after cancellations. Which, obviously, makes sense, since there are lots of gigs and Fiverr’s algorithms rely on several factors to decide on placement, OCR being one of them. If you have return/regular customers, it shouldn’t be too bad, if you’re new it might be worse.
The drop in the completion rate can also contribute to not getting or losing a level, depending on how many orders you complete in the 60-day level evaluation period.

Let’s hope you’re lucky and it won’t do much harm, there’s not really anything you can do about it now that you already accepted the cancellation request.
It’s good you contacted Fiverr support in either case, if they deem his activity as illegal/against their terms of service, they will probably suspend the account and he hopefully won’t waste anyone else’s time and bring down their order completion rate, at least.

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