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New to Fiverr & receiving my first 4 star rating

Guest dreamteamresume

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Guest dreamteamresume

Hello everyone!

I am new to fiver and having a great time being able to use this platform. I strive for customer service even if by the end of it I worked a lot longer than I should have to make the customer happy. I know it happens to most of us,10 reviews in and I’ve received my first 4.3 star rating. I did a customer order and I was happy to get an order for $250.00! while still being so new to this platform. I delivered the work, a couple days went by and I messaged the seller to follow up to make sure that everything was okay with the order. She gave positive words of encouragement and later on asked me to change some of the formatting which I was totally okay with. I re-delivered today - same day within a few hours. She then messaged me about another opportunity that she would like my help with and I was all for it so we discussed details and came to an agreement.

She then accepted my work and gave me a 4.3 rating! I know in the real world it’s not awful but it’s crushing to be so new and have someone that really likes your work to work with you again for $350 this time. I have been contemplating because I still don’t know how I feel about the situation. On the ratings she gave 4.9 communication, 5 recommend to a friend, and 4.9 on service described. I could MAYBE understand the 4.9 with communication because of being from two different countries and the client speaking broken English. She was also upset that she purchased the gig two times and had to wait on customer support to help me help her resolve the issue and when she’d message me i’d be sleeping because our days are completely backwards.

So after all my rambling could any of you give me advice on what you would do in this situation? Would you accept more work from someone who leaves you a rating under a 5?

Thanks! Heather

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