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Hi everyone.......I'm a new fiverr gig seller


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Welcome to Fiverr and the forum. I’d change the profile image as Fiverr probably won’t want you using their logo as your profile image unless you’ve got their permission to do that. Having your own profile image will probably help.

Thank You .I will change it. Appreciate your help.

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I can see you already changed your profile image (although it doesn’t show here on the Forum yet). That is a good start.

I think you might find the tips and Fiverr links I have gathered in this post helpful:

Hi and welcome! Useful Fiverr links and Tips for newcomers below! Many new sellers are posting on Fiverr Forum everyday: Help! I am new here! How do I start? Well, here are some tips for you who are new, Sellers and Buyers: 1. Read (and re-read) the Terms of Services here: https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service People often think they can skip that as there is so much information written there. But it is crucial. Remember to visit again from time to time to check for updates. 2. Get Answers…

all the best!

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