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Question about finishing an order when gig is suspended

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Hi there, sellers!

I’m about to be going to college full-time, so I’m going to have to cut back on my freelancing so I can focus on school. Because of that, I want to go on vacation mode – or at least suspend my Kindle formatting gig, which is the more time-consuming of my two active gigs.

The problem is, I have a buyer who wants extra revisions on his book. I sent him a custom offer for the extra work required, and he sent me all the assets I needed to make the changes, but he hasn’t actually accepted the custom offer yet (it’s been a couple of days since I nudged him about that, but he tends to take a while to respond, so that isn’t unusual for him). My question is, if I suspend my Fiverr gig, can he still place a custom order using the offer I already sent him?

Failing that, is there a way to ensure that I only take custom orders instead of people being able to order directly through my gig page? I really can’t take on any more formatting clients at this point, as school starts in less than two weeks and all my time will be focused on that.

Thanks in advance!

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