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Ideas for Improvement?


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In your “ad video” gig you could make the thumbnail of it show something that could be quickly recognised as being for creating ad videos/video ads (currently it says “Please look no further” which is partially cropped on the profile page). Some of your other gig images could be more unique/related to the particular gig.

In your “write a story, article, letter…” gig that’s in the “Creative Writing” category, maybe anything that might not be in the “Creative Writing” category (such as business writing?) could be removed and maybe put into another gig in a different category.

For the data entry gig. Maybe having the basic gig be for less hours and a cheaper price might help to get the first orders for it. In the “Why should I hire you?” FAQ question maybe remove the full stop after “overall”.

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Here are some tips:

  1. Select proper title after doing some research
  2. Use your own wordings for description
  3. The gig image should be attractive and not too much busy
  4. Don’t make description too long
  5. Attach Portfolio with your gig
  6. The price should be reasonable (according to what your work deserves)
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