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I am new here and seek some help to start work on this platform


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Hi and welcome!

the best to do when starting on Fiverr is to

  1. Read (and re-read) the guidelines very carefully. Read the Terms of Services. People often think they can skip that as there is so much information written there. But it is crucial. Because it can save one from getting into trouble later.

  2. Then visit Fiverr Academy, Fiverr Blog and of course this Forum. There are hundreds of precious tips and things to learn.

As a seller:

  1. One should check out the gigs in one’s niche. It is best to sell services that few others are selling, even better, services that no one else is selling (if possible).

  2. Make one’s gig look interesting by using images that clearly show what one is selling. And a professional video can help. Write a professional and clear description. Use the right tags.

  3. It is also advised to advertise one’s gig outside of Fiverr and bring some buyers to buy one’s gigs on Fiverr rather than waiting for buyers to show up by themselves. The competition is high. One may wait for long for an order.

  4. Respond to any messages asap as this counts a lot! But never spam.

  5. Finally, patience and a positive attitude can also help.

As a buyer:

  1. Be careful how you select your sellers. Check out previous reviews.

  2. Prior to ordering visit their profile to check how long ago they have sold their last order. If it is too long ago it is best to send them a message prior to ordering as sometimes they might not be using Fiverr anymore.

I hope that helped

All the best!

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