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No one want to order my gig why?


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there is an option in top (more) in which you will find buyer’s request option. keep looking at
that option whenever you are free. you’ll be getting buyer’s request. Then, you can send them your offer and your gig. if they like your offer they will order you. 😁.
and 2nd thing make your gigs nicely. read some tips about how to rank your Gigs on first page and have some patience then.
i hope this will help.

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I have 3 years of experience in professional industry now i came up on fiverr

but nobody even in trusted to order my gig i am also ready to do first order for free but don’t know what the issue

don’t know what the issue

I’ve checked your Gig and it’s a mess. A potential buyer can not understand what kind of service you are exactly offering.

The title is:

I will solve any issue related to codeigniter, laravel PHP

This means in other words bug fixing for Codeigniter and Laravel.

Keeping in mind that it’s a bit of a niche, it could make sense; but you have listed your Gig under Web application, not under Bug fixing.

Who looks to your packages finds the following:


fix any issue like some query changes, or some rapid change in view etc

Just in Laravel or Codeigniter, I guess, but we will find later that it could be everything.


add new feature in your existing website

…what kind of website? What “feature”?

or two to 3 page application

What do you mean?

no admin panel include

What do you mean? In “Standard” you don’t talk anymore of bug fixes, but - in a confused way - of the customization of “something”.

Premium (for just $150):

develop new custom website from scratch,

from scratch, in what sense?

well manged admin panel multi page website

⬆️ Ouch.

Then there is the description:

Below are some different bugs that you might be encountering in your web app.

PHP issue, Wordpress issue, HTML issue, CSS issue, JavaScript issue, jQuery issue, Laravel issue, Codeigniter issue, Node js, Angular

If you think that your bug is not related to any above category, just inbox to me and I’ll be happy to take a look at it

Aside from the fact that there is material for ten different Gigs and your Basic package (the only one that is dedicated to bug fixing, remember, for $5) does not mention Wordpress or CSS for example, you are basically saying that you will look at any possible bug on any framework (Ruby On Rails? ASP dot net?) except the ones you listed.

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