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Howdy! I am new to fiverr and I want to sell my gigs


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Hello. I am new, I just made two gigs and over 24 hours I only got 6 views on them. I want to know how to get people to purchase my stuff. If you purchase the basic plan i’ll give you all the benefits of the premium just because I want good reviews to start everything. I see people getting sales in a week but at this rate I don’t know if I can say the same. Help me out.

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Okay. Someone gave me this advise recently and I think you’re making the same mistake.

  1. Your pricing is way too low for the service you’re offering. So when the buyer sees other gigs and compares it with yours, it looks like you’ll offer low quality.
  2. You’re a web designer, so I think having your personal website on there will reel them in(take some time with this).

    That’s all I think is wrong.

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