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Exchange rates for withdrawals to UK


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As it’s now possible to withdraw earnings in GBP rather than USD, I thought I’d do a little test to see whether Fiverr or Paypal had the better exchange rate.

Withdrawal amount $138

Withdrawing as converted USD to GBP from Fiverr = £108

Withdrawing as USD and allowing PayPal to convert = £110

Not a lot in it but at time of writing, Paypal has a better exchange rate so best to withdraw as USD than have Fiverr convert it for you.

I’ll try agin when I withdraw again in the next few days so it will be interesting to see if there are nay fluctuations or changes.


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I am glad to have found this thread as this is exactly the questions I wanted to ask although when I did the numbers it looked to me that the fiverr exchange was better then paypal but I guess I must have mis-calculated.

I wonder if any other UK sellers here could shed further light on the best way to withdraw for minimal loss of earnings?

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