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My number one tip for any buyer

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Having bought AND sold stuff on Fiverr, I’ve learned it’s interesting how someone could choose a seller. I was super picky and wasn’t sure which probably to pick. Sure the ratings helps but one thing I learned is, if you like someone but aren’t totally confident yet in ordering, just message them. Talk to them and see what they are like and feel them out. If, after checking out samples and talking to them you don’t feel good about it, try someone else! As a voice actor who has worked with a bunch of buyers, I’d rather you feel comfortable with what you’re getting before you order. If you don’t feel totally confident, I want to make sure you are before ordering. So when in doubt, talk it out!

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Can’t agree more with your point @barrelofmonkeys. Even though with a name like yours, I am sure that you have a great sense of humor that makes any conversation pleasurable. 😄

But as I have found out in my own experience, buyers that first try to get to know me and my style and then seek my services, usually are the ones that form a long-term relationship with you.

Especially in my sector, Digital Marketing, if I am managing your Social Media Accounts, we are partners and we need to collaborate in order for results to start pouring in. That is when the point you made, about building a communication, earning trust, etc., comes into play the most in my opinion.

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