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⚠️Lots of impression and click but no order ?


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I have 11k impression and 128 clicks in the last 7 days.
and the last day my one gig impression is 2.5k and 7 clicks.
But I don’t get any orders. what is the problem?
can you check my profile and gig? and tell what wrong in my profile? 😢
my new gig https://www.fiverr.com/wordpress_land/speed-up-wordpress-seo-speed-optimization-yoast-plugin-wp-rocket-gtmetrix-onpage

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There are a few grammatical errors on your page. Nothing serious (so I don’t think it would put too many people off) but it could be hindering your progress slightly. The investment in a proof reader might be worth it.

To me you seem too expensive, I found a seller with a 4.9 overall review and over 1,000 ratings doing what you do with a starting price of $5. Granted they didn’t appear to be offering the error/fault checking service you offer but it’s something to think about. Maybe you could split the error checking into a separate gig?

From my experience, being able to offer some sort of $5 offering generates more enquiries. It is a bit of a headache though…

Thank you. But my other gig i offering 5

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