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Fiverr Studio Leads - Experienced in Project Management?


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I’m curious if fiverr is verifying whether studio leads have any experience with project management. It’s one thing to be really good at selling stuff on fiverr…it’s a totally different process to try to manage a team as they work on a project that potentially has a lot of moving pieces. I personally would never join a team if the lead couldn’t confirm to me that he or she had at least some degree of management experience.

It’s a tough job to make sure a project gets completed on time and on budget, verify that every element has been created correctly, and navigate the sometimes difficult waters of facilitating positive people relationships with both team members and the client. Doing that job under the platform constraints of fiverr seems like it could be exponentially more difficult.

I would assume that studio leads have some level of experience in the project management sphere? Any leads or team members want to chime in?

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