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Not Getting any orders since 4 months


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It has been exceptionally quite since the IPO mid June

I expect things to pick up mid-August

There are lots of posts as to why there are a lot less buyers, but this is traditionally a quite time of the year.

has been exceptionally quite since the IPO mid June

Its quite true. Sometimes its not a skill test but your patience is being tested. 😄

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You have already had a lot of sales so you must be doing something right.

My suggestion to you would be take control of your own success and seek out businesses on Twitter and Instagram. Take a personal approach, talk to people, tell them what you like about their products/ideas etc, ask them if they have thought about boosting their business by getting a logo etc and link to your page. See if you can find any studies which show how much your sales/popularity grow when you have a logo.

This is only a suggestion. I’m not in your field of work and I have less sales than you. However someone did something similar with me on Twitter recently and I thought it was a great approach.

I am thinking about making an Instagram page about my products, only I can hope that it work

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