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Looking for Expert content Writer or Fiverr Expert


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Hello, Hussain.

A lot of the issues I see appear to be grammar-related. I’d also touch up the wording a bit, but none of it is inherently problematic.

I would have you make good use of your FAQ section. A lot of people tend to overlook that section, but it can be valuable when talking about what you will and won’t do.

I would also touch up your service packages, but since I’m not sure what your workflow is like, I’m unable to give feedback on how you would do that at this time.

This article has more tips on how to touch up your gig: https://blog.fiverr.com/fiverr-pro-tips-optimize-gigs-maximize-sales/

Also, don’t forget to send out buyer’s requests if you see jobs that you are capable of completing. You get a total of 10 offers per day and there are quite a few people looking for logo designers.

Good luck.

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