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My verification story so far


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Here is my verification story so far: I am having tremendous issues with Fiverr’s verfication system. Given the amount of posts and users reporting issues, the verification system doesn’t work as it should. I understand that Fiverr is trying to fight spam and abuse. Which is very important! But the system rejects perfectly sound documents, which tells me the system is not working as it could or should. Which is frighting given the sensitive nature of documents submitted. I was trying to verify my account, which with Fiverr only seems to works by using your smartphone. I have taken multiple images of multiple ID cards and made selfies as requested. Even though the images were sharp, well framed and with no reflections, my upload was rejected multiple times (with emails from Fiverr telling me so). Sometimes, the app would just freeze and become unresponsive. The whole experience has been dreadful until now. Given the sensitive nature of the matter - with personal documents send over the internet - this whole process (as well as the lack of support) has seriously diminished my trust in Fiverr. When I wrote support, detailing my issues with the automated verification system (I even send them my passport copy directly, as proof that the image was perfectly OK), my thread was deleted and I was told to try again. Today I tried again. Out of a total of 7 attempts, 4 went through, 3 made the app freeze. I then received an email from Fiverr, telling me that my account was restricted because of multiple unsuccessful attempts. This whole thing is super frustrating and going in circles. When I try to send documents directly, my thread is deleted. When I upload multiple times (as I am told by CS), my account is restricted. I am really out of options, since support just keeps sending me their instructions for uploading, which I have followed by the letter. Because the automated system failed - and being out of options - I was “forced” to send them documents directly. This is not how automation should work and Fiverr should seriously reconsider how it handles sensitive documents. Event though I send them my passport (as proof that the quality was perfect), I simple received a standard message on how to take pictures. If Fiverr is having such issues with this, how can I trust that my personal data (that I am forced to send multiple times over the internet) is really safe on their servers? I am having serious doubts now that this is the case! Since the system is very restrictive, users then attempt to send multiple IDs, which in my humble opinion is another step in the wrong direction. Lets hope Fiverr will work to improve the system. We have seen what happens to data in other “potentially save” companies like Facebook. Fiverr should therefore take all our concerns VERY seriously!!!

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