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What is the perfect gig image size?


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Hello there Fahad

As i know the recommended size is 550 px width and 370 px height. If you want higher quality try multiplying both the width and height with the same number. I guess that will work well

Thanks man… let me try this.

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See this:

The grey area on the gig page seems to be 710x411 pixels (1.727:1) The images in the search page seem to get scaled to 270x162 for display (1.666:1) On the profile page it seems to show them at 230x142 (1.6197:1) If the aspect ratio is roughly one of those it should cover it approx I think. edit: So to cover it fully try an aspect ratio of 1.727:1 - with high enough res) but that won’t be the optimum aspect ratio for the other pages. edit2: See this page https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/artic…

I’d just make sure it’s around 1.6197:1 aspect ratio and big enough in terms of pixels eg. 690x426 or above (maybe higher than 690x426 if you want them to be able to click to make it show bigger). Though it won’t be perfect everywhere. Also maybe don’t put important parts of the image too close to the edges.

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