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Disappointing performance from Fiverr

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Here is my brief experience and the problems.

Invoices and Orders don’t have the same prices on them. Small issue that will only really annoy my accountant. (Severity: Low)

Job Restore Old Photos

Details Page Price: 1,251.71 SERVICE FEE: €62.58 TOTAL: €1,314.29

Invoice Service Fee €62.59 Purchase: €1,251.72 TOTAL €1,314.31

Unable to reach Customer support easily. I had to rant about it in a forum, then a helpful Mod contacted support for me. I really can’t believe that happened (Severity: Annoying)

Going to Customer Support with invoice issue. Cleary didn’t read or look at my question. Just read what she wanted and then began answering to get it quickly off her desk. (Severity: F*ing Annoying)

Fiver only accepts one card as payment. If you have two cards, in my case I wanted some personal jobs done and didn’t want to use a company card. It meant having to create a whole new account. (Severity: Mildly Annoying)

I had two personal cards, I inputted my debit card at the beginning of account creation. But it rejected and didn’t even go to verify process, no reason given, I thought maybe I didn’t have enough money on it (I did). So I tried my Credit card, it accepted, then 5 minutes later rejected. I tried twice more, again each time it accepted then moments later rejected.

Contacted support, they said give it 24 hours. I tried the debit card, it worked. As soon as you enter in one card, even if not verified you can only use that card ever.

(Severity: Fiver are you doing this on purpose?)

You only have 10 days to leave a feedback review, after that the option disappears.

I was busy working, busy in my personal life, busy going through 4000 photos on the job I had asked a freelancer to restore for me.

10 Days, why is there such a time limit in the first place? Why is there a need?

(Severity: F me Fiverr people have lives you know? Yeah… 10 days might not be enough)*

The freelancer did great work and I wanted to tip (about €120), but Fiverr charges a service fee for a tip. Does an American diner manager take a percentage of the waitress’s tips?

(Severity: No, Fiver that is unbelievably cheeky and downright dishonest.)

Here is my review of Fiverr

Communication with Buyer * 1/5

Service as Described * 1/5

Again or Recommend * 1/5

The worst thing about Fiverr is actually Fiverr itself. Mods and Freeleancers have been nothing but exemplary, I cannot recommend and commend them enough. I am so disappointed with the website and service of Fiverr it has put a question mark on using the freelancers from here. I have more jobs I need doing and I really want too …. but it pains me to actually use the site.

Mods are extremely helpful and I thank you. You guys should be paid and are far better than my 3 Customer Support experiences.

Freelancers have always done great work for me. Always be nice and courteous. I feel so disappointed that I am unable to leave a review for one, because I didn’t know about the 10 day limit and I was too busy to drop everything and get around to it.

Feel free to reply, I am not coming back anytime soon, so please treat this as a rhetorical question.

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Hello, I hope that you continue to use the site. It may get easier as you get used to using it. Since you were happy with the jobs you had done here it’s the best for quality work at affordable prices. Sorry for the inconveniences!

As for the time limit on reviews, sellers need to know in a reasonable period of time if the job was done to your satisfaction rather than having that big question going on longer, so they can remedy anything that needs it in a timely fashion.
Most of the time, ten days is enough for clients to look at what they received and make a decision. After that time fiverr assumes that it was ok and you decided not to leave a review.

It might be worth it to you to still use fiverr because you can’t beat the prices for what you get.

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