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[Opinion needed] Is my website assessment gig valuable?


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Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/beztom/review-your-website-and-the-visitor-experience-it-provides

Hi there

I’ve been selling on Fiverr for a couple of months and whilst I’ve had some clicks and impressions, I’ve not had any sales.

So I’d be keen to hear if other people think my gig looks useful? There is lots of competition in my category but I had hoped my listing was professional and differentiated.

I would appreciate any opinion on what I might change/do next.

Many thanks


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Guest humanissocial

I think it could, but it should be clearer what the outcome is in working with you and what the criteria are. What do people get out of it? And will they know how to take action on the items on your report? People are hesitant to buy things if they think they’ll have to hire a staff member or buy expensive programs to put the advice into action.

It’s also unclear if it’s purely technical, if it’s to improve SEO or usability, protect against spam, etc and what tech literacy is required to understand and contextualize the report.

I have an audit gig myself and I geared it around the problems it solves.

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