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Affiliate Marketing: What’s Changed in 2019? New Tools, Trends, and Channels

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Affiliate marketing is alive and well in 2019. Individual online influencers have continued to grow their presence using niche Facebook groups, blogs, websites, video, and other corners of the internet.

Whether you are building a niche audience, or just want to make money online, here are some of the top trends, tools, and channels to pay attention to in affiliate marketing in 2019.

Live Streaming


Review content (where you or your users tell others how a product or service worked for them) is still performing well for affiliates. Traffic continues to be directed to websites that provide the best content. It’s time to step up your game! One current trend in affiliate marketing is the use of live streaming video to review or promote affiliate products; these reviews can be saved and reposted to YouTube with applicable links to affiliate products.

Live streaming is great for affiliates because it gets online users to join in real-time so they won’t feel like they’re missing out in the future. What’s more, if a user is aware that you continuously produce great content, they are more likely to return the next time they are looking to purchase a product you have reviewed.

Users are also likely to click on an affiliate link to buy if your streams are insightful and give them helpful information they need to make a decision.

Push Notifications & SMS


Mobile is one of the hottest marketing channels to focus on in 2019, and that’s no different for affiliate marketers. Once you have your niche audience, think about how you can deliver them mobile-only content, which might include creating an app for your existing audience or communicating with an audience through Short Message Service (SMS) messaging.

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Dear @affiliates5rr, Thank you for your informative Article. Would you please tell me that is there include affiliate link when we share our Gigs ? If not then how do we integrate them?

Hi @tanviranwar! Happy you enjoyed the article!

When you share any of Fiverr’s Gigs you should ALWAYS use your unique affiliate link. When you promote a specific page on Fiverr you should use a “deeplink”. Here’s a short video on how to generate it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQytMTKM1I4.

Hope it helps

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