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How much click, views and impression do you get for your one gig in a day


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I normaly get in the first day like 7 to 10 imressions and 0 views the second day i normally get between 70 impressions and 50 impressions and clicks 19-18-17-16 ,for the views in the second day i get between 40 and 20
I hope it was helpful for you

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On 7/28/2019 at 6:29 AM, mlrujjal said:

Hey. i am mlrujjal. Alhamdulillah my six gig total impression 5k+ average click 70+ and i got my first order in first 3 days on my virtual assistant gig.
tell me about your!

Bro can help me please because I am struggling from it 

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