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Do I need to promote my gig?


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I hate promoting my gig, can’t go anywhere except this site itself. Glad Fiverr has its own forum here.

Anyone wants help in Data Entry Project, try me here: https://www.fiverr.com/share/LX1W7
I have three plans earlier, but it’s scrapped by myself anyways, so no matter what is the size, all in $5 only per project or per file. I was planning to set $0 for a week but no options.

Buyer: Please be aware that the first order will be my first data entry job, apart from the fact that I’ve done well in school and college levels, but not sure what real job is. Feel free to clarify here or in personal message before going to make an order. Thanks.

Forum Members: I’ve been checking Buyer Requests for whole week, unfortunately all it shows is “no requests found”. If you find something which I need to improve my profile or gig, I’d be much appreciated. Thanks (also).

Well, do I really need to promote my gig to make its presence?

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