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Buyer Requests | Funny Database Query


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I have noticed something that is very funny for me 😆 so today I thought that I’ll share this story with all of you, I don’t know that’s only happen with me or you guys also facing this.

At every morning, first I check my inbox & order page, if there is any message or modification request so I could reply those first then I check the buyer request page where I see some buyer requests & my offers req: for one day (10), I see 15 buyer requests where 1 or 2 requests are good and others are impossible or you will say “Who will do this? 😳”, here are some of those requests,

  • I am looking for a seller who create a website, android app, logo, business card, flyer & banner for my business, my budget is fixed so please do not argue. thanks. [And the budget was 5 usd] :thinking:
  • I need a wordpress website with 30 pages, it should be responsive & stylish. [the budget was 20 usd] *it’s good offer for new sellers to start freelancing, I think… but not fair price.

so it’s too hard to find good requests with fair price, but after sending all offers.

Guess, What I am seeing on the buyer request page there are 300+ buyer requests & I don’t have any offer left. and almost 99% of those request are awesome/perfect. here are some of like these,

  • I need one page responsive website & my budget is 200usd if I like your work I will give you bonus & I will work with you again with my other projects as well. Thank You. [No offer available 😭]
  • I am looking for web developer who add contact page into my wordpress website, If I like your work I will give you other projects as well - Budget: 40 USD [No offer available 😖]

😐 Sometimes I think, fiverr use this code to execute the buyer request page:

if ($seller_offers == 0){
echo $show_best_buyer_requests;
echo $show_normal_requests;

This happens with me every time 😕


Hope fiverr is not using this type of codes/query for the buyer request page. 😁

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Woooow well said @farazsiyal . I have been similar situation severally and I’ll be like OMG I wish I had just one more but this days what I do now is skim through each offer before making a request. By doing that I tend to only make request for job am satisfied with rather than just using up all my request for intangible offers.

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