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Primary Image change - one click away! [initiative]

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Hey there Doers,

I have been recently creating a new gig and because I became a perfectionist lately I had to edit my gig images a few times in a row. And I have 3 images so each time I did the edits I had to re-upload my images… by the time my gig was done I have already re-uploaded my images more than 20 times for sure.
That’s a bit frustrating… Even though this thing might have been discussed before I believe that it should be reviewed as an idea again.
We may not upload images that often to Fiverr but why not having an option to just select which image you want to be primary and be done with one click.
If you support this idea please say it in a reply so Fiverr can see that we all want this and if you don’t then say why do you think that this shouldn’t be integrated as an option to Fiverr.
Thank you for reading this! Peace!

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