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Fiverr Affiliate Commission

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Check this one. You will get everything here.

What is affiliate marketing?Affiliate marketing is an approach where brands pay people a commission to promote their products or services. For example, A Fiverr affiliate may promote sellers or services on Fiverr that they find particularly useful to their networks; if anyone in their network becomes a Fiverr customer as a result of their promotions—that affiliate gets paid. It’s a simple concept and a growing way for those with a web presence and social following to earn extra passive income. …
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No it doesn’t. Unfortunately Fiverr isn’t terribly clear in their marketing of this program. They create the impression that driving traffic is what earns you the money, but it isn’t.

Affiliate commissions take place when a cookie is placed on the visitor’s browser and then they make a purchase. That cookie is then associated with that transaction and that’s what prompts the commission.

It can’t work how you are proposing because 1: Affiliates would use it to game the system, getting friends to make accounts without purchasing just so they will get the commission. 2: Making an account is not making a sale and doesn’t mean a sale will happen.

You only get rewarded if a sale results from a click. Fiverr should make this clearer.

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