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[GAME] Last 3 letters into 3 words


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Rules of the game:

  1. Take the last 3 letters of the previous post and make a 3 word phrase or sentence with them. The last word of your 3 word phrase or sentence must be AT LEAST 3 letters long.

  2. Be as clever or as dull as you want.

  3. If you’re really clever your phrase will have something to do with Fiverr!

    Here’s an example -

    1st - Fiverr really roCKS <–>CKS

    2nd - Cash king sellERS <–>ERS

    3rd - Enjoying Red SODA <–>ODA

    4th - Over Delivered AllDAY <–>DAY

    You should get the idea. Just have fun with it. It’s a nice way to pass some time, get your post count up and have a few laughs.

    Here’s the Starting phrase:

    Everone is welcOME
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