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How did i get my First Order in 3 Days on Fiverr?

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Today I logged In Fiverr Forum after a week and I saw the messages about my first order experience. So I decided to share my thoughts and experience.
(Please note that, it’s just a opinion)

  1. First of All you need to learn about Fiverr, Read it’s Term of Services (TOS) That’s most important point. If you know the rules and your rights you are going well.

  2. Now it’s time to talk about GIG’s. Most of the Starting Freelancers don’t know that it works like Search Engine. For rank your gig on first page or even search results your gigs should be unique. You should use special keywords, thumbnail or video that explain about your service and separate your gig from others. (For this I suggest you to first check top rated gigs)

  3. After creating a stumble gig it’s time to share your gig on social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. This will increase your impression, clicks and views. Most of the click get more chance to show on first page and you are near to your first order.

  4. I noticed that if you are constantly online soon you might start getting new leads. That’s reasonable. Fiverr sees that you’re always ready to answer a new client. (For this I suggest you to use Fiverr App on your Mobile so you are always ready to answer)

There is always ups and down so don’t lose your hope because it’s the key of Success.

That’s the key points I noticed on Fiverr. It’s first time I’m writing on Fiverr Forum, I’ll be glad to read your opinions.

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