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Do you wait for the customer to find it every day?


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I think she wants to know how to get orders(customer) every day(may be, I’m wrong).

I’m not sure we can use the pronoun, “she”, since the OP’s profile image is taken from a stock photography website, and does not represent him/her.

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Guest programmermim

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Hi all, I am shamsul arefin.I am working on fiverr from last 2 years.This 2 years was a combination of a good and bad experiences and lots of learning.Today i will share the facts i learned about fiverr gigs. For getting success on fiverr there is no alternative of a perfect,ranked,disciplined and attractive gig.as much as your gig is ranked and in the 1st page of fiverr,as much as you get order.so now i am going to give the tips from 1st to last for opening a perfect gig on fiverr. "OVERVIEW…
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