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Why I am not getting clients on fiverr?


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Hi there @mohxanraza. How are you doing? Welcome to the community. Glad you’ve joined the big happy family.

I just checked your Gig and it truly needs some improvements.

  • Your Long description needs some modification, try to hire a proofreader who can do the job for you.

  • Your images aren’t catchy enough. They look cheap and the size seems not to fit. Your premium image is hardly readable. As a website developer, you need to know these things??

  • Get rid of Unlimited Revisions. This alone will turn your buyers off from ordering. Also, you don’t want to offer dozens of free projects to just one client, are you? 1 revision is enough for the service you offer.

There so many more factors I can point out but this isn’t my job. At least I’ve given you some directions.

The good news is. That you seem to have 15 people who saved your Gig, which to me indicates that your gig is not that bad. Your gig just needs some modification and people will eventually click on your order button. 😃

Good luck!!

Warmly, Humberto


Warmly thank you @hum_on_the_go I was really needed this type of suggestion. I will pick your suggestions and hope these will work perfectly.

Thanks again.

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Thanks, Maria!

Social media is useless unless you know how it actually generates leads.

Plus, people who don’t know how to generate leads with social inevitably end up inundating the platform with their pages. No one wants that and it makes you looks super unprofessional.

How can we generate leads for our business? Thank you

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how? I want to know a why are you saying it’s a bad idea to promote yourself on quora.

Because that is literally spam.

Quora is for sharing insights. You want to use it to promote yourself. You don’t misuse a platform for your personal gain.

I shouldn’t have to tell you why that is ineffective, annoying and rude.

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